ICE Detains Immigrant in Retaliation for Lawsuit on Detainer Policies

Help support the release of immigrant rights defender Jose Montelongo from immigration detention to be reunited with his children and continue to hold local law enforcement and immigration enforcement accountable.

ICE agents targeted immigrant communities in the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona, searching for Montelongo, and detaining and threatening his loved ones. This came after he sued a local sheriff for his 48 hour detainer policy that allows the re-arrest of undocumented people for up to 48-hours after they have been released on all state and local charges. According to Jose, it was made clear to him by ICE agents that the raids and his detention were retaliation for his lawsuit.

Details of ICE's warrantless surveillance, raids, threats, and detentions can be read here.

Jose's hearing has been rescheduled for this Monday, May 20 at 10 a.m.

Repeal Coalition has outlined some calls to action:

  1. If you are able to, please attend the hearing this Monday, May 20th at 10am in Florence. Jose’s freedom is on the line and our presence is a huge emotional support and act of solidarity. Let’s show up together and show Jose that we are here with him. If you can attend - please message to let us know and we'll help try and arrange a carpool.

  2. Help us get out the word about the hearing! Please select "going" and share the facebook event for Jose's bond hearing in Phoenix this Monday, even if you can't attend!

  3. Please sign and share  the petition to release Jose among your networks, and share again on your social media pages in one final push!

  4. Help us post Jose’s bond! Donate and share the gofundme! Bond is another way that those who have less wealth are punished more harshly than those with the ability to pay. If you know of any possible large donors- please connect us! We know that if Jose is granted bond, we will need at least $7-10k. This is a huge amount but we are determined that as a community we will do all we can to get and keep one another free. Immigration bonds have to be paid in full in order for someone to be released.

Update - 5/21/19: Jose was granted bond yesterday, set at $20,000. Family and community have gathered $10,000.00 and need support in raising the other $10,000.00. Immigration bonds have to be paid in full in order for an immigrant to be released.

Below are links to the articles about Jose, as well as the current crowdsourcing efforts.

Direct donations can be made to the following account which holds the local bail & bond fund that Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, a local Non-Profit, helps fundraise for Repeal Coalition.

Routing Number 122228003

Account Number 5001002548

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