Disaster Relief Coordinator

We are proud to announce Phil Shea as the new Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Southwest Conference Disaster Ministries. 

Phil currently serves as an Operations Non-commissioned Officer in the Army National Guard Joint Task Force. 

His extensive qualifications include completion of FEMA courses and certification in the National Incident Management System framework, IS 200, 400, 700, 800, MAG 300, MAG 400

Contact information:


602-663-5065 (cell)

Conference Disaster Coordinator 

Phil Shea, with the UCC Disaster Ministries, " will create a Conference Disaster Team (CDT). A CDT supports the disaster services coordinator by being additional 'eyes, ears, and hands' across the conference to assist congregations prepare their disaster response plans and to help with response to disaster events within the conference and in other conferences across the county.

Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:39. When Jesus pronounces "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" to be the second greatest commandment he sets up a canon within the canon that marks his own faith and shapes ours forever. United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries seeks to be the expression of our faith through compassionate witness and service to our neighbors.

I. Accountability of the Conference Disaster Ministries

II. Credentialing of the CDC

III. Responsibilities of the CDC

IV. Conference Disaster Team (CDT) Responsibilities

Click here for full Responsibility Description [PDF] 

More Information on Conference Disaster Teams [PDF] 

Visit the national UCC Disaster Ministry page for more information on how to get involved today!