How Do We Hymn the Earth in a Time of Climate Change?

Sunday, June 3
Church of the Good Shepherd, Albuquerque

Professor Larry L. Rasmussen, teacher, writer and activist, will share his thoughts on the topic “How Do We Hymn the Earth in a Time of Climate Change?” If climate change tugs at how we think about the world and envisage its uncertain future, how ought congregations enter the fray in a helpful way? How do we hymn creation in a tumultuous world? What is our work now?

Dr. Rasmussen is the author of the recently published book, “Earth-Honoring Faith: Religious Ethics in a New Key.” He is the Reinhold Niebuhr Professor Emeritus of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary in NYC, where he currently teaches a course on Climate Ethics. He has served as the co-moderator of the World Council of Churches unit, Justice, Peace, Creation, among other influential positions.

He and Nyla live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He was the organizer of the decade project on Earth-Honoring Faith at Ghost Ranch, 2008 – 2017.