"American Pie: The Story of US"

Learn about effective communication
Saturday, May 19th from 2:00-4:00 p.m. 
at Shadow Rock UCC

This is a non-partisan, interactive workshop. Ruth (Bunny) Davis, a retired attorney, and teacher, will help us learn how to communicate about the issues, open dialogue and move the conversation forward.

Get a deeper understanding of our Founding Documents and what they REALLY mean to us.

Tickets are free, but you need to register so we know how much PIE to bake!

This program will educate, inform, inspire you and…

  • Prepare you to communicate effectively in those importantconversations to open dialogue with others
  • Teach you how to have conversations that can lead to forward progress
  • Provide you with a deeper understanding of the founding documents, their wordsand what they mean to us.
  • Teach how to create a space where we can do the work of reconciliation (outside of the religious community). A space where we can discuss the issues…things that need to be reconciled…like race relations, immigration and more.
  • Help you share America’s story. We share our own story, which we know well, but, if we don’t know the story as our founders wrote it, how can we share it effectively?
  • Clarify where are we now and how we move forward.
  • Solidify what the words are in order to express them clearly.
  • Teach you to speak clearly, with knowledge, of the founding words.
  • Coach you to express that this is what we hope for…that everyone has the right to aspire to these ideals
  • Confirm your belief in what America is…and isn’t by clarifying the founding documents and our founding principles.
  • Clarify America’s FACTS not interpretations.

Contact: Mickey at tuck13m@icloud.com for questions.