Church Jottings week ending 3/16

compiled and written by Holly Herman

Several churches include a brief introduction of new members in their newsletters. This gives current members an easier way to begin a conversation about shared interests.

Shadow Rock UCC will welcome students from Princeton and Hamline University to their campus for their "Alternative Spring Break" from March 18-24. They will be staying at Shadow Rock for the week while they explore immigration issues in the Southwest.

Church of the Beatitudes' organist & pianist Marion Hostetler will be leaving Beatitudes to serve as the organist for Mountain View Presbyterian Church, under the direction of her daughter. Marion's last Sunday will be April 15th.

Church of the Red Rocks is hosting Shahram Ebadfarzadeh, a Mandaean refugee from Iran, on March 28th at 2 PM. The Mandaean are distinct from Jews, Christians, and Muslims and are a persecuted minority religion that has survived for over 2000 years.

Desert Palm will make its third appearance in the Ahwatukee Easter Parade on Saturday, March 31. The parade begins at 10 a.m. Desert Palm-ers will be walking or riding on the float. The route is about one mile--up 48th Street, from Warner Road to Elliot Road.

First Congregational of Albuquerque is organizing a series of hikes during Lent to explore the sacred as well as the environment.

Encanto Community planted their community garden a few weeks ago and look forward to a bountiful harvest to share with the local food bank.

Encanto Community is launching a $55, 000 capital campaign in celebration of their 75th anniversary. Funds will go towards several projects at the church.

Church of the Good Shepherd in Albuquerque has started a “Let’s not go there “ group that practices civil discourse with people of all backgrounds and politics. The group will explore their differences and how each arrived at their opinions. Participants will listen, learn, and respect each other.

Good Shepherd in Sahuarita is sending youth to Washington for the March 24th “March for our Lives” gathering.

Desert Palm is sending four youth and two adults with the SWC delegation to Washington D.C.

Black Mountain UCC is sending one of its youth on the SWC sponsored trip to Washington for the March for our Lives event.

Rincon’s pastor’s book study is using “Lost Christianities: The battle for scriptures and the faiths we never knew” by Bart Ehrman. The book looks at early forms of Christianity and shows how they were suppressed, reformed, or forgotten.

AZ Faith Network is sponsoring a 5 part series on “Faith, Equity, and Inclusion in an age of Mass Incarceration” beginning 3/22 From 6-8:30. Register through their Facebook page or website,