Via United Church of Santa Fe - A Christmas Witness

In case you and others are interested, this weekend both the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Reporter will run the following ad, signed by 200+ members and friends of the United Church of Santa Fe. It's one way we are seeking to offer a Christian voice and witness in this time. 

A Christmas Witness

We, the undersigned members and friends of the United Church of Santa Fe, a United Church of Christ, seek to follow the ways of Jesus Christ. As we prepare for Christmas and the coming of Christ’s light into this world, we recommit ourselves to that way and to Christ’s love for all people and all creation. 

Our faith compels us in this commitment of solidarity: 

            As Jesus was born into poverty with “no room in the inn,” 

                        we stand with people who are poor or homeless. 

            As Jesus was a refugee, whose family fled violence in their homeland,

we stand with people who are refugees and immigrants. 

            As Jesus respected women and honored their leadership and intellect, 

                        we respect and honor all persons, regardless of gender or orientation.

            As Jesus reached across divisions of race, color, and creed to welcome all,  

                        we also seek to “love our neighbor” and advocate for justice. 

            As Jesus welcomed children and blessed them, 

                      we affirm our care for all God’s children and their right to education, equality, 

                        and care. 

            As Jesus was “The Prince of Peace” who told his disciples to put down their swords,

                  we stand against violence and bullying and commit to being “makers of peace.” 

        As Jesus looked to the lilies of the field and the birds of the air to speak of God’s love, 

                    we regard all creation not as a resource to be exploited, but as a sacred gift of 

the Creator to be shared wisely and used justly.  


As people of faith in this season and all seasons, we recommit ourselves to “Love God. Love Neighbor. Love Creation" and encourage others to join in that witness. 

- Rev. Talitha Arnold,

United Church of Santa Fe

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