New Church Start Legal Resources

A Guidebook for Planting New Churches in the United Church of Christ [PDF]
It’s just what the title says---free and online. Half of this is description and the other half is Bible studies / discussion guides to use w/ a new church planting team. Especially useful is Part V: Launching which gives a checklist of all the things one must do to start a new church. The book also addresses church planting in the UCC with respect to the particular needs and strategies of various ethnic groups. Overall, this is a highly recommended start resource for prospective church planters.

IRS Tax Guide for Churches [PDF]

Applying for Non-Profit Status [PDF]
It is a long form but not complicated. Most mistakes are not sending in the fee with the paperwork.

Applying for a Tax ID (Non-Profit) [Link]

In Arizona you have to fill out an Annual Report with the Arizona Corporation Commission registering your name and status as non profit. [Link]