Video Resources


Great Video Resources for SWC Church Leaders - Produced by the Center for Progressive Renewal

These videos were made or repurposed for our conference by CPR, and are available for use by SWC leaders (pastors, prospective church planters, administrators, youth leaders, Sunday School and Adult Ed. Teachers). Descriptions for each are below.

To access any of these videos:
Contact the SWC office, identify yourself, and ask for the URL and password to be sent to you.
Per our agreement with CPR, these resources are to be accessed only by qualified members of the Southwest Conference.

Characteristics of Church Planters
14 minute video by Cameron Trimble. Do you have the right skills for this calling? Cameron goes through the requisite characteristics based largely on a massive 2007 Gallup survey. The first requirement? “You have to be crazy.”

Church Planting at 30K Feet
12 minute video by Cameron Trimble. This presents the big, overall picture of church 3.0. It includes a handy chart of the shifting shape of the church. This could also be useful for established but renewing churches. “Postmodern” church is sometimes confused with “hip” artistic expressions—but this lays out more generally what a church looks like when it is formed to be congruent with larger and deeper cultural trends. Highly recommended when considering new church initiatives.

Church Renewal 1.0: Conflict and Change: Sacred Cows and Golden Calves.
44 minute video by Molly Baskette. Recommended for anyone in ministry—a full-length discussion filled with practical ways to move through change and conflict. This should be every minister’s forte’ and Molly is master of the art.

Planning as part of Mission and Vision
13 minute video. The rapid pace of change today requires churches to strategize frequently. This video gives Nuts and bolts ideas for a process of gathering data and making planning decisions.

Church Funding Practices
53 minute video by Cameron Trimble. This is a must see for everyone in ministry! Fundraising is one of the most necessary things every church must do---and one of the things we are most uncomfortable with. Cameron presents very specific, tested-and-proven advice on what works and what doesn’t for fundraising in today’s churches. There are great tips, and a few surprises in this video.

Energizing Youth Ministry
37 minute video by Nicole Havelka. Extrapolating ideas from the book Almost Christian, Nicole talks about ways that youth ministries can be “innovation stations” for churches, provide impetus for developing “family faith,” and show ways to converse with the larger culture. If you’re a leader in a church that has a youth ministry (even if you’re not the youth minister) this is worth watching.

Room in the Inn: Getting Ready for Newcomers at Christmastime or Anytime.
11 minute video by Molly Baskette. Do note “or anytime” in the title. This is a basic and practical checklist for any church’s ministry of welcome and assimilation. Whether you do church 2.0 or 3.0, this brief video will be helpful for new ideas or reminders that your church can use.

Cancel your Board Meeting and Take a Walk
15 minute video by Carol Trewfry. This is about ways for church people to do “community exegesis”—reading your neighborhood. Especially helpful for startup churches, this shows that church members need to learn from those around them as much as the reverse.

Outside the Box Children’s Faith Formation
42 minute video by Rachel Hackenberg. Children’s faith formation and adult faith formation are intertwined. This video is valuable even if you aren’t in charge of children’s ministry inasmuch as it addresses larger theological and practical issues.

Creativity in Worship: Practical, cheap and fun ideas for all of us.
32 minute video by Andra Moran. The title is an apt description: a half hour of nonstop creative ideas, useful and doable for any type of church.

Exploring Trendlines: The Cloud
37 minute interactive video hosted by Phillip Clayton. This is not useful just for Luddites! Even if you consider yourself tech-savvy, this video will expand your understanding of how technology can re-define concepts of ‘church’ and ‘meeting space.’ 

What is a Sharing Economy?
A 3 minute video by Stephanie Spellers and Doug Pagitt. This is a brief intro. to the cultural trend of peer-to-peer networks. It’s also a promo for NCLI 15 (now past).

What does a Sharing Economy Look Like? 
5 minute video, part 2 of the video above.

Examining the Trendlines with John Dorhauer—the Local Food Movement.
What do major cultural trends have to do with the ways we do church? President John Dorhauer discusses how churches can ‘redeem’ the land they own, using it for community gardening and other purposes, and how this concept could be applied among UCC Churches.