UCC Just Peace Movement

Since the General Synod pronounced the UCC to be a Just Peace Church in 1985 and encouraged local churches to do the same, at least 178 UCC Congregations have done so. A newly organized national UCC Just Peace Steering Committee is encouraging all those congregations to dig out and review the covenants they once voted and renew their identity as Just Peace Churches, or, if they have not yet become a Just Peace congregation, to consider this important journey in justice and peace work. The membership steering committee members are eager to help congregations by providing information and resources.

Please contact Rev. Dr. Diane Weible dweible@ncncucc.org or Rev. Lynne Lopez pastor@ainsworthucc.com, members of the membership committee, if you want to learn more about becoming a Just Peace congregation.

A list of steps for becoming a Just Peace church is also a great starting point and is available HERE.

A recent article in UC News offers information about this important justice work. Click HERE to read the article.