Rincon MIgrant Shelter update

from Sarah, shelter manager:

Summertime means fewer volunteers available which means we need more help in the kitchen! If you are not available to volunteer in the kitchen, maybe consider sponsoring a meal. It costs about $50 to buy frozen pizzas and fruit salad for our guests, or about $75 to purchase pizzas, Boston Market, or Mexican food to serve 24 people. Are you willing to sponsor a meal to give our hardworking kitchen cooks a break? Let me know.

Lately I've had a few different entertainers (musicians, singers, circus performers), offer their services to provide an evening of music and fun for the guests. I'm not sure yet how to put that together. Any event planners or fundraisers out there who have any ideas for me?

Needs list as of 6/12: chicken (boneless, skinless chicken breasts), milk, eggs, smooth peanut butter, jam, fruit (long watermelons, bananas, apples, and oranges), squash, and La Victoria HOT salsa. (Only kitchen donations this week because they've been greatly in need.)