Hope House of Sedona

from Church of the Red Rocks’ newsletter:

Witness for Justice and the steering committee for the church’s new shelter project have been busy. First, we have named our facility – Hope House of Sedona. We are quite excited that our new mission has this meaningful name: offering Hope to those in Sedona who truly need it. Extending the reach of Christ has taken on new form and meaning for our church.

We have also been firming up a list of task groups needed for Hope House of Sedona. That will be sent to the members of the congregation. We need ALL of you and your many talents to assist with this. There will be opportunities for all kinds of time and talents.

Not only is this a CRR project, but it is a project for the entire Sedona community and we will be including as many people as we possibly can. We initiated this, but the community needs to own it. Already, we have begun partnering with other agencies: Manzanita Outreach, Sedona-Oak Creek Schools, Catholic Charities, Flagstaff Shelter Services, Verde Valley Homeless Coalition, The Old Town Mission, Angie’s House, and the Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley. We will be doing much more outreach and need people to assist with that. We have been looking at several potential properties for the house. We have some promising looking leads and will keep you posted on that.

WE ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! We need everyone to talk with your friends and contacts and interest them in this very worthwhile project. It will only enhance Sedona as we work to help others. Hope House of Sedona will work best as we collaborate with others.

If you would like more information about Hope House of Sedona, you may contact any member of Witness for Justice or the steering committee: Amy Andrews, John and Gale Lothrop, Sergio Mazza, Kent Ellsworth, Pastor Cindy, Stephanie Dunshee,Lynn Schreiner, Steve and Jan Wells, Ree Hudson, Ned and Sally Phillips, Bruce Vegter, Marjie Muro, Pat Walicke and Pam Ravenwood.

Witness for Justice and the Hope House Steering Committee look forward to working together with you to make our dream for homeless families with children in Sedona a reality.