Souper Bowl of Caring events in the Southwest Conference

Let us know how your church is participating!

Desert Palm youth are sponsoring Souper Bowl Sunday, Feb 3rd on Super Bowl Sunday. They invite you to join them for soup and bread after worship and to root for your favorite football team both before and after worship by donating to the AFC bowl or the NFC bowl or in the name of your favorite team. Donations will be divided between the Heifer Project and a local community service organization chosen by our youth.

Sun City Souper Bowl Silver Ladle Challenge: In 2017, United Church of Sun City and Church of the Palms UCC entered into a competition to collect the most soup – cans, ramen, etc. In the name of love, The Palms crushed United Church that year. Last year, United Church won. Who will claim the Silver Ladle in 2019? Bring cans of soup, ramen cases, anything with you each Sunday in January. All donations go to Valley View Food Bank.