Update on United Church of Santa Fe's border ministries

United Church of Santa Fe has been involved in border ministries for a number of years. They are an Immigrant Welcoming Congregation, and have had youth and adult service trips to the border (often partnering with Good Shepherd) since 2000.

Attorney Allegra Love, founder of Santa Fe Dreamers (a legal and advocacy organization) is a part of the United community, which provides both financial and other support for her and her staff. That support has increased especially since late June when it was learned that she had received death threats for her work.

In addition, their Immigration Task Force help found the Santa Fe Interfaith Immigration Justice group and volunteers from the congregation staff the phone lines for asylum seekers released from Cibola detention center and also provide transportation, some 100 miles from Santa Fe.

When UCSF learned that 250-300 parents were being released in Albuquerque to then be sent wherever their children are, United members and friends responded to an appeal for new clothes, food, etc. and, as of July 25, gathered over two vans full of supplies.

United Church has also started a special offering for Good Shepherd and Los Samaritanos, before the national church called for the Border witness; to date they have raised over $7000. Throughout the years they have provided similar support not only to Good Shepherd, but also to the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center and a local Catholic church whose congregation is comprised primarily of recent immigrants and many DACA families.

Thank you, Talitha, for the update and for your church's amazing work.