Cool Congregations can cool the Earth

Taos UCC received a Cool Congregation award this year; in this letter from Interfaith Power & Light's Executive Director, see how your congregation can become a Cool Congregation:

It has been a year since the current administration pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement.  But over that year, faith communities across the nation have pledged “ We’re Still In Paris”. They have been a driving force in the fight to stop climate change and are resolving to continue to be so. Help make your congregation a Cool Congregation.
IPL is here not only to inspire pledges but to help congregations follow through on them. Already, faith communities have kept thousands of tons of carbon pollution out of the atmosphere by greening their facilities. Many of these congregations are CERTIFIED Cool Congregations. That means they have demonstrated to us how they cut emissions 10%, 20%, 50% or more!

From changing out lightbulbs, choosing low energy appliances, to putting solar panels on their rooftops, houses of worship are transforming to become green buildings. Has your congregation done a project to reduce its carbon footprint?  If so you can help them become a Certified Cool Congregation. Click here to find out more.
This September, mayors, governors, business leaders, religious leaders, and NGOs from around the world are gathering in San Francisco for the Global Climate Action Summit. Many of us will be taking this opportunity to push for faster action on climate.

There is no better way to show what can be done than to lead by example – so we want to share a comprehensive list of the congregations and religious institutions taking concrete action to reduce carbon pollution.   

It will take immense, collective action to bend the emissions trajectory downward and we must do it soon. It’s clear that leadership is not coming from the federal government –  it will come from our cities, our communities, our churches, our synagogues, our temples  – the real front lines of this movement. Please help make your congregation a Cool Congregation, today.


Susan Stephenson