Casas Adobes: Cheer for Cheerios!

The goal was 100 boxes of Cheerios. They collected 140 (125 boxes of Cheerios and 15 boxes of other brands.). The cereal will be distributed at two of the Keeling food pantries – the one just held on April 25th and the one upcoming on May 16th .

Here’s a few appreciative comments from Linda Kraemer, the contact at the Tucson Community Food Bank: “This is wonderful to hear!!!” she wrote. “I am confident that (the Food Pantry) patrons will love plain ol’ Cheerios! From past experience at Lawrence and Dietz school pantries, boxes of Cheerios are VERY popular. Families appreciate that everyone in the household can eat them (including the little ones) and that Cheerios is a name-brand (compared to the generic cereal that they may receive in the Emergency Food Box).”

Plus they’re nutritious!

At the Apr. 25th pantry, 19 CACC-UCC volunteers helped to organize and distribute food provided by the Tucson Community Food Bank. The boxes of cereal added to other food provided (mostly basics like pasta, canned vegetables and peanut butter). The monthly Keeling pantry is a newly established outreach program to supplement the food available to low income families at the end of the month when food insecurity may become an issue. The last pantry event for this school year is scheduled for May 16th .

The CACC-UCC family has again proven its immense generosity. Thank you, one and all!