Preventing stormwater runoff pollution in ABQ

Sunday, June 24th 11:45 a.m.
First Congregational UCC, Albuquerque

It’s nearly monsoon season again! Heavy rains in Albuquerque mean that we will likely see the streets flooded with stormwater. After the flood waters recede, have you ever noticed what gets left behind on the sidewalks, roads, and ditches? In the wake of rains, there is often trash, debris, sediment, chemicals, and other undesirable objects that remain littered throughout the landscape. All of these contaminants are considered stormwater runoff pollution.  Where all of that pollution goes may surprise you.

Please join the University of New Mexico Safety & Risk Services Department after church service on June 24th to find out how you can prevent stormwater runoff pollution. You will learn about the primary sources of stormwater contamination, the effects of stormwater runoff on communities and the environment, and easy steps that you can take in your daily life to minimize your contribution to pollution.

FREE event with giveaways.For more info.: 277-0082,