Kickoff Meeting - AZ Palestine Solidarity Alliance (Phoenix)

Saturday May 5, 2018 @ 2:00 p.m.

Community Christian Church
1701 S. College Ave
Tempe 85281 

This event is a kickoff/organizing meeting to set the agenda for the newly formed Phoenix/Maricopa County wing of the Arizona Palestine Solidarity Alliance (APSA) organization. 

Until recently, APSA has been active in Southern Arizona as both a coalition and as individuals coming together as a unified solidarity, anti-militarization group working to build a regional movement opposing the ongoing U.S./Israeli partnership that supports the brutal occupation of the Palestinian people and its lands, and the increasing militarization of the US/Mexico border region.

This meeting will be a forum to discuss and strategize upcoming activities with an emphasis on the ongoing crisis in Gaza, the upcoming Al Nakba Day (May 15th), and increased border militarization/technology apparatuses on Tohono O'odham lands. We will also take a survey of projects to plug into/ally with in the Phoenix Metro area and invite any representatives from these groups to introduce themselves and their orgs at this meeting.

APSA is focused on tying congruent and directly connected humanitarian and dignity issues that face Palestinians folks abroad and Indigenous/Migrant communities right here in the Southwest. These issues include border militarization, segregation tactics, natural resource control, and the propagation of racism in policy and populist culture. 

All are welcome. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.