St. Paul's Helps Rio Rancho CYFD Keep Families Together

written by Karen Schafer, Mission and Outreach Ministry Chair, St. Paul's:

As a continuation of St. Paul’s commitment to work with the Rio Rancho office of Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD), we are gathering supplies for two families. Melissa Garcia at CYFD works to keep families together. Part of our mission is to help provide supplies for the two families that Ms. Garcia has identified. Their identity is confidential.

Generous St. Paul’s members and friends have already provided two well-stocked Easter baskets for these families and now we are collecting household goods. As they work to establish the housing they have recently obtained, we are busy collecting the following items: towels, sheets (queen & twin), kitchen utensils, cookware, dishes, etc. As we get to know more about their needs, we may be asked to help with clothing for Leiana, a one-year-old female and Angel, an 8-year-old male.

Thank you to those who have already provided gently used and new items.