Jayne Hubbard at the National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools

Jayne writes:

"Enough is Enough" and "Heh heh NRA how many will you kill today" were some of the chants led by about 1000 young people from DC area schools and their teachers as we marched to the steps of the Capitol on Friday April 20th the 19th anniversary of the first school shooting at Columbine.

The March began across from the White House in the park where about 200 students gathered for a Die-In and 19 minutes of silence.

There were as many press as students- many foreign - and I was so impressed with their articulate statements. I was interviewed as well because I was one of the only "oldsters" in the crowd.

As we marched (which was at a pretty fast youthful clip) I heard many comments from adults we passed shouting words of thanks and encouragement for these brave young activists.

We gathered on the Lawn to listen to about an hour of letters being read that were to be hand-delivered to their Representatives and Senators. They were brilliant. Passionate and angry. I was moved to tears more than once especially when survivors shared.

Greatest take away for me personally was the Columbine survivor, now 35 and a mother of two young children telling her story, but more so praising these youth for speaking and acting out.

"We never thought to organize or protest because we were sure the adults would take care of us and it would never happen again. We were so wrong. Please forgive us "

I intend to honor my promise to them - NEVER AGAIN !

We must do more then talk and pray. We have been given a chance to fall in beside their lead. The question remains Will we disappointment them yet again ?