Arizona Supreme Court DACA Decision

"The news from the courts regarding immigration and undocumented residents is unwelcome and unwelcoming. Our Gospel message of love and inclusion, that God calls us to “fear not” living as we share our privileges and blessings, is needed more than ever!"  - Conference Minister, Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons

From Scholarships AZ, the local United We Dream affiliate:

On April 9, “the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that DACA recipients are no longer eligible to receive in-state tuition rates in the Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD). This decision will impact DACA students across all public AZ colleges & universities.”

Scholarships AZ is asking allies to call or e-mail with this message:

UA President Robbins, (520) 621-5511,

PCC Chancellor Lambert, (520) 206-4747,

Hello, my name is _______________, and I am a (student/educator/community member). Due to the recent decision from the Arizona Supreme Court on suspending in-state tuition for DACA recipients, I urge the institution to take immediate action. I ask that you support all of your students and provide more scholarships and resources to current and future DACA and undocumented students.”