"Experiencing Compassionate Communication"

Shadow Rock UCC
Mondays, April 9, 16, 23, 30

Are you looking for...
More authentic connections?
Easier conversations when anger is involved?
A way to feel centered and clear?

In the four-session introductory series, "Experiencing Compassionate Communication," explore practicing self-empathy, identifying needs and feelings, dealing with anger, and sharing our requests with others.

Facilitating is Christine Dove, LCSW. Chris has more than twenty years of experience in NVC and uses both NVC and the Enneagram in her therapy practice. You can expect participatory learning and a welcoming classroom environment. We'll be working to integrate processes that can help participants express themselves authentically, listen empathically, and understand anger.

While many people find compassionate communication to be a spiritual practice, it's not specific to any faith. All are welcome. 

 To register, email Karen Richter..