ACTION ALERT: Marco Tulio, member of Sanctuary Movement, has been deported from Phoenix


Marco Tulio, husband to Laura and father of two boys, was deported and torn from his family yesterday. In June of 2014, Marco Tulio was granted an order of supervision (a 6 month delay of deportation) after planning to take Sanctuary at Shadow Rock UCC in Phoenix. Following the order of supervision, he was granted two year-long stays of removal but not guaranteed a third. In April, Marco Tulio reported for a check-in at the ICE office and was told to return in 30 days. Meanwhile, his lawyer had requested a stay of removal.

On Thursday, May 11, ICE officials LIED to Marco Tulio and his attorney. They led his attorney to believe that there was a path for an administrative remedy that would keep Marco's family together. Consequently, Marco Tulio reported to the ICE office and was detained. He called a few hours later from Nogales, Sonora. The ICE officers’ deceit and lack of integrity resulted in a state-sponsored kidnapping and the separation of his family.

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Here’s what you can do: call Enrique Lucero (Phoenix Field Director of Enforcement and Removal Operations) NOW at 602-766-7030 (#1 for ERO, #9 for Other). 

AND/OR e-mail

ICE email:
Community relations officer:

Sample Script:

I am calling on behalf of Marco Tulio Coss Ponce, A#087-756-303. He should be immediately returned to his family in Mesa, Arizona. Marco was detained and deported under false pretenses. For almost 20 years, he has been a valued and caring member of the Mesa community, raising two sons here. He has also been a strong advocate for other immigrants in his community. As a person of faith, I believe that no family should be separated by unjust deportation. Marco deserves to stay with his family! I will continue to stand with Marco’s family and families like his who are facing deportation.