Hurricane Matthew- Update!

UCC deploys Yungclas, Tosh to help Hurricane Matthew recovery in Florida

November 16, 2016

From Florida to the Carolinas, Hurricane Matthew survivors in the United States are asking, "What do we do now?"United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries Is playing its part in helping them move toward recovery, most recently with deployment of two long-term recovery volunteers to Florida and training in long-term recovery basics in the Carolinas.

Carol Fouke-Mpoyo

Writer, UCC Disaster Ministries"

Hurricane Matthew flood waters are finally receding in North Carolina, allowing essential supplies and assessment teams to get into areas that until now were inaccessible. This past weekend, the American Red Cross delivered some of the 1,000 CWS Cleanup Buckets ordered by UCC Disaster Ministries for North Carolina to affected households in Lumberton, about 5,000 of whose 22,000 residents were displaced by flooding, and in Warsaw, N.C. 


I am sure you have been following the tragic events and devastation being created by Hurricane Matthew and your prayers are already being lifted up. Please see the attached One Great Hour of Sharing message. It provides a brief summary, resources to assist with your church's response and the methods for making a donation.

I will also be praying and tracking these events and will be keeping in touch with our National Disaster Ministries Director. As the hurricane moves up the east coast we can expect to receive additional information and requests for help responding to domestic emergencies.

Please feel free to use me as your local, SWC point of contact during this disaster.

Grace and Peace,

In Christ,

Phil Shea

Southwest Conference Disaster Coordinator



Winds rush. Water pounds. Buildings fall. People suffer.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti on the morning of October 4 and in Cuba later that afternoon. It continues pounding the Caribbean and is making its way slowly toward the mainland United States. Winds of 135 miles per hour have caused flash flooding, mud slides and violent winds. Devastation abounds.

The United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) are well situated to respond robustly to people impacted both in the Caribbean and within the United States. Global Ministries’ (UCC/Disciples joint ministry) partners are reporting devastation of crops and houses in the southern regions of Haiti. Houses in Ganthier, Haiti, rebuilt for families displaced from the 2010 earthquake by Church World Service (including both the UCC and Disciples), now are flooded again. Torrential downpours have sent water rushing down streets, creating fears of waterborne diseases like cholera, an epidemic that was already occurring in Haiti prior to the hurricane. Cuba also has experienced extensive damage and several people in the Bahamas have perished.

Already, solidarity grants from the 2016 One Great Hour of Sharing Offering and Week of Compassion Fund are on their way to partners in in the region responding to immediate needs of food, shelter and safety. The UCC and Disciples are poised to respond with other churches to provide food, water, containers, roofs, mattresses, hygiene kits and psychosocial support. Within the United States, both denominations are active in local and national disaster response networks.

Your generosity to this disaster appeal will enable our churches to expand these responses and to walk closely with our neighbors now, in the immediate crisis, and through the long-term recovery process that will follow.

In the midst of tumultuous weather, people receive food and water to drink. In the midst of danger, people find safety and rebuild homes. In the midst of hopelessness, people experience a love that will not let them go.

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