How to Mail Campers

Here's some handy camp mail information from our director, Jay Deskins:

camp mail.png

Campers love getting mail at camp! It's a reminder from their family, church, and friends that they're remembered while at camp! It's great to send letters!

Packages are a bit of a touchy thing to send out. Packages are great for kids who receive them, but those who do not receive them can feel left out, which is not the culture we are trying to create at camp. If you do feel like sending a package, please DON'T send snacks or candy. If the package has candy or snacks, it will not stay with the camper, as food is not welcome in cabins and outside of designated areas. (It welcomes mice, which welcomes snakes, and on up the food chain). Besides, each camper receives three meals and two snacks throughout the day. They'll have plenty to eat!

It's also good to think ahead of camp and send mail before your camper(s) even leave for camp. Mail is slow!

Please mail your camper(s) to this address:

Emmanuel Pines

3000 Spence Springs Rd

Prescott, AZ 86305-5079

ATTN: DUCC Camper (insert name)

And don't forget that the adults love to get mail, too! 😉