2019 Compensation Guidelines are now available

The 2018-2019 Southwest Conference Ministerial Compensation Guidelines figures are determined by Southwest Conference church reporting forms submitted in early 2019 and reflect 2018 financial and membership figures. 

In addition to updating the bracketed guidelines as traditionally provided, we have updated the Scatter Plot Graph (included in the 2017-2018 guidelines) indicating clergy compensation in relation to church size and the relative Trend line associated with the graph. To simplify calculations, we have also provided an equation that can be used to better approximate total Ministerial Salary based on your exact church member ship. Further explanations and certain recommendations for using these resources are provided in the report for your review. 

Compensation Guidelines for Authorized Ministers are provided as both a justice and pastoral resource, to aid in negotiations between clergy and ministry settings, in the hope that conversation between ministry settings and authorized ministers will ensue in ways that lead to a deeper commitment to health and wholeness for both authorized ministers and ministry settings