Reaching Into the Attic: Ancient Future Spiritual Practices

Friday breakout session at Annual Meeting

presenter: Rev. Rock Fremont, pastor, Shepherd of the Hills UCC

Imagine this scene. Teens silently form a line in a hallway, patiently waiting late into the night to enter a room in which they will experience an ancient spiritual discipline: contemplative prayer. When they emerge from the prayer room an hour later, many have tears in their eyes, smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts. They have just walked a labyrinth, an interactive eleven-station experience in which the participants learn to practice the presence of the Divine.

Scenes like this are happening again and again in churches, camps and conferences all over North America. Spirituality is “in,” these days. Many people are searching for truth in new and unconventional ways. Emerging adults are open to the mystery of the Holy Spirit and eager to understand God in ways other than the traditional sermon. Join us to learn what you can pull from the church’s attic to increase engagement, grow your congregation, and have your say in the Ancient Future conversation!

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Rev. Rock Fremont is a spiritual director and ordained minister of the United Church of Christ. Rock is Adjunct faculty at South Mountain Community College and teaches a World Religions class once a semester. Rock has a passion for unity and inter-spirituality and is currently studying with a Roshi in the Diamond Sangha Zen Tradition. In the past, Rock has served in chaplaincy on Arizona’s Death Row and homeless populations, and brings a passion for lifting up those most vulnerable among us.