Churches Annual Reports 2018

(Forms are located at the bottom of this post)

It's time once again for this important effort that enables the United Church of Christ to maintain accurate and current information on UCC churches and ministerial staff, as well as provide information that will assist Conferences, Associations and the national ministries of the denomination to identify and understand trends in membership, attendance and other factors that will impact programs and policies.

If your church hasn't had its congregational meeting to approve your 2019 budget, the 2019 Pledge Form should still be sent in with estimates. If the final numbers change, please send me your revisions. The SWC can't complete its 2019 budget until we have pledges from all the churches, so it's vital that we at least have estimates from you to work with.

This year, we're offering two options to all churches in the Southwest Conference: to enter their data online directly into Data Hub, or to fill out and submit manual forms.

Every church needs to manually fill out and submit the OCWM and Church Officers forms (click to access):

OCWM pledge form church officers (please print in landscape orientation)

Data Hub instructions: (If your church prefers not to use Data Hub, please skip down to the manual form instructions.)

You will need these forms (click to access):

Data Hub reporting instructions field definitions tip sheet

All the Data Hub instructions you need are in the "Data Hub reporting instructions" file. If you don't know your five or six digit conference church ID#, please contact Wende

Important requirement: You MUST print a 2018 Church Report from Datahub (before logging out) and forward it to the conference. The conference does not have access to print this report, and we won't know if your church has finished its reporting unless we receive your Church Report. Please email it to Wende at by March 6.

The Data Hub will be available until March 6, 2019 at midnight. Please submit your data as early as possible to avoid potential delays if you should need assistance.

Manual form instructions:

You will need these forms (click to access):

local church report Manual reporting instructions

ministerial support form field definitions tip sheet

supplemental yearbook survey

We must receive your forms no later than February 20, to allow us time to input the data. If possible, please scan all completed forms into pdf files and email them to Wende at If you send them via U.S. Mail to the conference office, please notify me that you're doing so, and be sure to keep a copy of them.

If you require information regarding the previous years reporting, please contact Wende.

Thank you for your help in this important effort and completing this annual report package on time.

Manual reporting instructions

Data Hub reporting instructions  

Eleven Reasons Why Reporting Your Church’s Annual Data Is Important  

church officers (please print in landscape orientation)

local church report

ministerial support form

supplemental yearbook survey

OCWM pledge form

field definitions tip sheet