Best Practices and Parameters for Clergy in Retirement

Within the family of our clergy accountability and oversight trainings called “Healthy Ministry Modules,” is now added a new version of what was formerly known as “retired clergy boundary training.”

Clergy in retirement are one of our greatest gifts and assets here in the Southwest! Many of us know that when the time comes to retire from this (often life-long!) vocation, there are a great many emotional and practical adjustments needed. With the new Manual on Ministry, several common, long-held practices of “retired clergy” are now changing. The fundamental relationship with the church changes . . . yet, so often, the sense of call by God does not go away even as income-earning careers come to an end.

In this three-hour training, we will explore some of those changes, those transitional dynamics such as loss of a role, a sense of purpose and meaning, confusion about to what and how is God calling now, what is ethically appropriate in one’s local church and in the community, and what are the best practices and parameters to practice one’s vocational call to ministry in the midst of one’s retirement years. This is not a lecture course. Information will be given, but we will also pull on common stories, experiences, and the great wisdom gathered around the table! 

Whether or not you took a previous “retired clergy boundary training,” you are invited to take part in a session of “Best Practices and Parameters for Clergy in Retirement.” You are welcome to bring to it issues and questions you may have been wrestling with yourself. We will be offering the session at least once a year.

The 2018 session will be held at United Church of Sun City on Friday, December 14, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.. The $15 cost includes lunch.