Notice to Amend the Southwest Conference Bylaws

Annual meeting delegates will be asked to approve amendments to the  Southwest Conference bylaws at the 2018 annual meeting to be held in Tucson, April 20th and 21st.

 References to the ‘Mission Planning Board’ were changed to read “Mission and Church Vitality Committee” by auto-correct. This process resulted in the Mission and Church Vitality Committee being given responsibility to approve “Rates of compensation and other benefited pertaining to all staff members” (lines 633-634) as recommended by the Executive Board.  On October 28th, 2017 the Southwest Conference Executive Board enacted the following Bylaw amendment pending ratification at the next duly scheduled meeting of the Conference. The proposed amendment addresses line 633-635 and reads as follows:

633        d. Rates of compensation and other benefits pertaining to Called Staff shall
634        be decided by the Executive Board and set forth in their Call Agreement

In accordance with our bylaws amendment procedure, a vote to ratify the enacted amendment will be held on Saturday April 21st  in Tucson, Arizona at Rincon Congregational UCC. A 2/3 vote of the delegates of the meeting is required to ratify the amendment. Discussion and further business regarding the amendment will be held in accord with the Conference Meeting Standing Rules. Copies of the proposed amended bylaws with and without full markup are attached here and will be available for review on the Southwest Conference website. For questions or comments please contact the Southwest Conference Office.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments 10.28.17 with Markup [PDF]

Proposed Bylaws Amendments 10.28.17 [PDF]