Changes in the Executive Board and SWC office staff

The Executive Board welcomed Nancy Ackley to the moderator’s chair on January 24 following Liana Rowe’s resignation. Liana resigned as moderator in order to apply for the posted administrative assistant position in the SWC office, which was vacated by Nikki Norris, for personal reasons, after just five weeks of employment. Liana’s resignation was required before being considered for the job to avoid a conflict of interest. Nancy had been elected incoming moderator during the January 13 Executive Board meeting following the resignation of John Pestle at the previous board meeting. 
Nancy is an authorized (commissioned) faith and money minister for the Southwest Conference. She served on the national staff of the United Church of Christ in the philanthropy office. Per conference bylaws regarding vacancies, the conference delegates will have the opportunity to affirm Nancy as the moderator for the coming year at the annual meeting in April.
Liana brings a deep understanding of the Southwest Conference to the office staff, and an MBA from Arizona State University. Multiple candidates applied for the administrative assistant position; the personnel committee and conference staff conducted interviews. 
These unforeseen changes happened in the weeks that the office usually sends out year-end giving statements. The statements were a little later than they should have been. Your conference office has tried to navigate these changes with an appropriate balance of transparency and confidentiality, realizing that very personal information was involved in all of these situations.
Bill Lyons is available to answer your questions about these changes. You are also encouraged to talk with members of the executive board and/or contact Nancy Ackley. 
Many blessings on your ministries during these closing days of Epiphany!