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Update from Pathways UCC:

PATHWAYS Theological Education has a thirty-course plus online curriculum. It is available as a path to authorized ministry and also for enrichment for people who want to deepen their understanding of progressive Christianity. In March, we begin three courses. Our 12-week UCC Polity course is almost full but it will be offered again in the Fall. We have two other 6-week courses, a foundational course in Christian ethics and a practical theology course, Theology in the Public Square. Our courses are aligned with the Marks for Faithful and Effective Authorized Ministers.

Our asynchronous online theological education program is available for conferences and commissions on ministry to use in collaboration with their own programs for persons seeking authorized ministry or as a complete program to fulfill the academic requirements for authorized ministry. In the past five years, we have had participants from 8 UCC conferences.

PATHWAYS is also available to individuals who want to deepen their knowledge and Christian faith but are not following a call to authorized ministry.

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Blessings and Peace,
Rev. Valerie Coe Lowder, Registrar
Rev. Dr. Lou Kavar and Rev. Ginnie Ferrell, Co-Chairs PATHWAYS Advisory Committee

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Level One Course: Ethics and a Life of Meaning (March 7 to April 24, 2018)

his course uses two complementary texts, one which brings together clear, comprehensible ethical theory and goals; and the other text introduces an ethical approach which bridges ethical theories with down-to-earth ethical situations in today’s world. These two texts will provide a strong, practical ethics background. Participants will be able to identify moral dimensions of ethical issues, describe multiple moral stances related to these issues, and formulate thoughtful and faithful responses to these issues, shaped by individual, communal, and broad UCC values.  Register at The class is limited to ten participants.

The Rev. Dr. Ruth Shaver is facilitating.

The Reverend Doctor Ruth E. Shaver is the interim Senior Minister in North Conway, NH. She has served previously in various settings as Pastor, Minister of Christian Education Family Life and Youth Director in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Rev. Dr. Shaver is also on faculty as the Instructor in Biblical Studies at the Penn West Academy for Ministry. She earned her Doctor of Ministry degree in 2016 from Lancaster Theological Seminary in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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This course is open to all.
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Level Three Course: Theology in the Public Square is to anyone (March 7 to April 24, 2018)

his course examines the why, how, and direction of faith-based engagement in the political life of our communities and nation. It also addresses areas of resistance and confusion regarding such engagement. It invites informed and renewed commitment to working for the public good of all God’s people through spirited participation in civic affairs. Register at The class is limited to ten participants.

 The Rev. Dr. Trish Greeves is facilitating.

Trish Greeves was ordained a United Church of Christ pastor in 1989 after many years as a lay leader and teacher. She enjoyed a sixteen-year pastorate as well as several interim positions at churches in Minnesota and Virginia. She also worked as Contextual Studies Coordinator and adjunct instructor for church life and leadership with United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities. Trish is the author of Prophetic Faith: Preparing Your Church to Advocate Social Justice, an adult study published in 2010 by Logos Productions as well as other practical works.

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This course is open to all.
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