The Christmas Fund 2018: The Light is Surely Coming

Our joy at Christmas is a response to God's promise of new life through the birth of Jesus. It is a joy we are called to share widely, through our witness and gifts, both to loved ones and to distant neighbors.

"It wasn’t easy picking up the telephone to share with you my present situation. In fact, it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life although it reminded me that grace still happens. Sometimes we as clergy persons lose sight of God’s grace when the negative stuff comes into our lives."

"…thanks so much for sharing your time and ministry with me. Your most gracious gift is appreciated more than words can say as I continue to live in the 'meantime.'"

These eloquent words are from a pastor who is the recipient of the caring and concern of those who contribute to the Christmas Fund Offering.

You have the opportunity to be a part of this ministry that cares for the active and retired clergy and lay employees of the United Church of Christ through your participation in this year's Christmas Fund Offering.

Your gift to the Christmas Fund will not only assist pastors like the one above, but also provide for the Supplementation of Small Annuities, Supplementation of Health Premiums, Emergency Grants, and Christmas “Thank You” Gift Checks next December to lower-income retirees.

Your gifts are needed more than ever to help the growing number of retirees whose low-income annuities make it difficult to meet increasing living costs. This is your opportunity to participate in God's promise of renewal by enabling this ministry of compassion and care.

To facilitate your giving, you may use the PayPal system utilizing the link in the left hand column or mail a check directly to the address provided in the left column. However you choose to provide your gift, please know that it is truly appreciated and that it will brighten the life of one of God’s servants who is facing a moment of personal need.

In 2017, gifts to the Christmas Fund enabled

  • Small pension supplementation for 424 retired clergy, lay employees, and surviving spouses/partners, totaling $1,513,602

  • Health benefits supplementation for 210 retired clergy, lay employees, and surviving spouses/partners, totaling $492,863

  • Emergency grants for 384 servants of the church, totaling $136,012

  • Christmas “Thank You” gift checks to 477 retired clergy, lay employees, and their surviving spouses, totaling $228,300

View the Offering Guide 2018 for more information.