New HEALTHY MINISTRY MODULES Beginning in February!

Just as a trellis provides for a supportive structure and airy spaces for healthy vines to grow, our ministries need structure and spaces to be healthy, growing and fruitful! As clergy, one of the ways we covenant together to keep our ministries healthy is to take periodic training for boundary, prejudice/discrimination and diversity awareness.

The Southwest Conference Committee on Church and Ministry has approved a new format to be introduced beginning in February (9th and 10th) for clergy training in Boundary Awareness, and which eventually will also include training in prejudice and diversity awareness. Instead of day-long workshops required every five years, training will be offered now in a variety of three-hour modules.  Ultimately there will be a series of six modules required within the five-year period for every clergy seeking to serve in active ministry in the Conference.

The goals of moving to a modular format are:

  • Participants will be able to go more in depth in each topic, allowing for more discussion and relevance.
  • More flexibility to accommodate different scheduling needs and locations.
  • Trainers may develop expertise for particular modules.
  • Promoting a culture of ongoing attention to healthy boundaries, rather than it being a once-in-5-year obligation.

Modules 1-4 will cover issues in boundary awareness. These are the modules that will begin this year in February.  Modules 5 and 6, the prejudice/discrimination and diversity awareness modules, will be under development this year and will be offered beginning next year.

Modules will be offered in a variety of times and locations throughout each year. A complex schedule has been developed so that:

  • Within each year, every module will be offered, and some offered twice. Dates and locations for the year will be publicized in advance for the whole year.
  • Within the five-year period beginning this year, each module will be offered at least once, sometimes twice, in three major geographic locations: Phoenix, Albuquerque and Tucson.
  • Within the five-year period, the four modules for Boundary Awareness training will be offered separately, and for the first three years, they will be also offered in a Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon block, in which all four modules may be attended separately or all together.
  • Modules may be taken in any order.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion for each module and will be tracked in their UCC DataHub record.

Our first Healthy Ministry Modules will be held in the BLOCK format at the SW Conference office, Phoenix, on Feb. 9 and 10.

•    Module 1: THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HEALTHY BOUNDARIES -  Friday, Feb. 9, 1-4 pm     
o    The Joy of Boundaries
o    Theology of Boundaries
o    Power and Vulnerability
o    Self-Care  
o    Safe Church policy
o    Departing a ministry

o    Transference
o    Physical contact
o    Sexual attraction, Dating & Intimacy
o    Friendship
o    Dual relationships
o    Family/kids/spouses/partner issues
o    Single Pastor
o    Between Youth and Pastor

•    Module 3: HEALTHY BOUNDARIES FOR FINANCES, RESOURCES, & WORK   - Saturday, Feb. 10, 9-Noon
o    Church finances and personal finances
o    Stresses of diminishing income
o    Bookkeeping
o    Transparency
o    Gift-giving
o    Over-functioning/Use of Time

•    Module 4:  HEALTHY BOUNDARIES FOR USE OF TECHNOLOGY & SOCIAL MEDIA - Saturday, Feb. 10, 1-4 pm
o    Era of the Internet - implications
o    Pornography and addiction, sexting
o    Emailing
o    Various social media platforms
o    Interactions w Youth on social media

You may register for any or all of the modules.  Friday dinner will be on your own.  Saturday lunch will be provided. Registration for each module is $5.

When you attend, if you have a Faith Trust Institute student book #201, bring it, otherwise you will need to purchase it for $20. (The #101 version will not work).

Register here for the February 9 & 10 modules.

Future dates and locations for 2018:
Module 2:  Tucson, Redemptorist Retreat Center, either before or after the Clergy Retreat, Nov. 5, 9-noon, OR Nov. 7, 10-1pm - TBD
Module 3: Albuquerque, Church of the Good Shepherd, Sept. 10, 6-9 pm and Sept. 7, 6-9 pm in Phoenix, Conference office
Module 4: Phoenix, Conference Office, Dec. 3, 1-4 pm

In 2019:
A 4-Module block will be held in Albuquerque
Module 2 – in Phoenix
Module 3 – in Tucson
Module 4 – in Albuquerque
Module 5 – Prejudice/Discrimination Awareness in Phoenix

 (Modules 5 and 6-Diversity Awareness will alternate years)