Rev. Linda Mervine to retire

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Congratulations to Rev. Linda Mervine, who is retiring after 36 years as minister, ten of which have been in service as Pastor at First Christian Church in Las Cruces, and to the Las Cruces community.

After 36 years as minister, Rev. Linda Mervine is retiring. She has spent the last ten years as Minister of First Christian Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico, a congregation affiliated with both the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ, and in service to the Las Cruces community.

Linda has been an advocate against racial and social injustice in Las Cruces as well as an inspiration for their congregation. Through her leadership, the ONA church is an active community partner and works with various religious denominations such as:

Project Oak Tree - to help documented refugees find families in the United States
CAFE - to advocate for DREAMers and for border justice
the church’s own Food Bank for people with HIV/AIDS - to address community LGBTQ issues

Through Linda’s leadership and direction, the church as opened the doors for free meeting space to various nonprofit groups:

Soul-ar Power - a support group for grandmothers raising grandchildren
HIV and transgender support groups
rehearsal space for a theater company
drumming, choir, blues and jazz groups

FCC offers free ground space for BackYard Farms to create large community gardens to feed the hungry. They have hosted Art Exhibitions and Film Festivals and serve at the Soup Kitchen. We rent space in our church complex to St. John's of Antioch Catholic Church for their office and services, Offices for Young Women United, and a Dance and Music Academy. They rent space in their church complex to St. John’s of Antioch Catholic Church for their office and services, Offices for Young Women United, and Academy of Music and Dance.

What faith, advocacy, inspiration, and dedication to Las Cruces and the Christian community over the last 10 years!  

She is also a HUGE baseball and Chicago Cubs fan!
All are invited to the celebration of Linda's 36-year ministry and her new beginning at an open house on Sunday Dec 10, 2017, 3 pm -5 pm.
Her last day at First Christian Church will be December 31, 2017. She will conduct the service with the Elders as an AGAPE sit-down potluck meal, themed 'Endings and New Beginnings', held in the Sanctuary. 

We thank you for your ministry, Linda!