United Church of Angel Fire is seeking a new Music Director

Function in harmonious concert with the Pastor and the Council by being responsive to the music-related tastes and concerns of the congregation.

To play piano and/or other instruments to accompany congregational singing.

To prepare and coordinate appropriate music for Sunday services with the Pastor.

To ensure personnel are available to operate the video and sound system during services.

To purchase and file music for the choir and organize music when time permits.

To promote special music using a variety of musical instruments and vocalists during worship services as appropriate.

To work to maintain staff morale and team effectiveness. Discuss personal concerns or grievances with the Pastor, Worship Chairperson, or Personnel Chair.

To organize a choir during summer months and other church holidays such as Easter and Christmas.

If you are interested in applying for this position please contact
Tracey Miller sjmtrm@taosnet.com or 575-377-2787