Church of the Beatitudes Launches Remodel of its Worship Center

Church of the Beatitudes is launching something new. As a progressive Christian community, Church of the Beatitudes has always been about progress. Now, in that same spirit of progress, Beatitudes Church is expressing itself in a new way with a major renovation to its 9,984 square foot Worship Center on the corner of 7th and Glendale Avenues. 

Built in 1972 under the direction of the late Rev. Dr. Culver “Bill” Nelson, the Worship Center has been a space of spiritual enrichment for the North Central Phoenix community and beyond for over 47 years. Like most well-used spaces, Church of the Beatitudes was showing signs of disrepair. To make this space more welcoming, sustainable and progressive for the community now and in the future, the congregation and leadership voted to renovate the space. Architect, Steve Barduson, of Barduson Architects, was hired and on July 15, 2019, remodeling of the exterior and interior began.

Beatitudes Church is hoping to tangibly model inclusion through this renovation, and thereby change the culture. “Beatitudes has always been progressive thinking,” Pastor Tony Minear, Ph.D. of Church of the Beatitudes said. “We wanted our space to keep up with this vision especially in the arena of public accommodations, both spiritually and physically.” To view photographs of the renovation and learn more about Beatitudes Church,