Jottings 3/23/19

The Rummage Sale Fiesta will return on May 4th to First Congregational of Albuquerque.  This is not just a rummage sale. It is also a Craft Fair. Church members selling crafts receive a discount. AND it is a plant sale. East Central Ministries is known for their chile and tomato plants. AND they will have a food truck. Sounds like a great time!

For the most recent quarter, Shadow Rock earned nearly $500 from Fry's Community Rewards and Amazon Smile. How did they receive this money? It was easy! Thanks to those who shopped at Fry's or Amazon; a portion of their purchase total came right back to the church.  Check it out!

The Russell Schmidt Trio will perform selections from their Jazz Triptych Series at 2:00 PM on March 31st at Church of the Red Rocks. Admission is free.

A reflection from Pastor Mike of Church of the Painted Hills in Tucson:  The Vigil for the New Zealand Mosque shooting victims was held last Monday night. The Muslim Community Center of Tucson held a standing room only crowd that included me and others from CPH. While we gathered inside for prayer sheriff’s deputies and private security stood watch outside, a reflection of the times we live in.  During the vigil I was reminded of my privilege. I as a Christian clergyperson can walk down any street in Tucson without fear of threat or intimidation for displaying my faith. The same is not the case for Muslim women wearing Hijab or men wearing a prayer cap.  I hope each of us will stand up to the rhetoric of hate and fear that creates the situation where a display of faith in God subjects a believer to threats of violence. I hope we will also stand up to the attacks on the beauty of our diversity by those who proclaim the dogma of white supremacy and white nationalism.  We are all made in the image and likeness of God.

As in the past, Church of the Painted Hills will be participating in the Lenten Wednesday Dinner series with their siblings at Desert Dove Christian Church and First Christian Church.  Dinner and a time of reflection.

On March 31st at 3PM at Madison Center for the Performing Arts (16th St. and Missouri in Phoenix.) "We are One – Make them Hear You" is a gathering of Phoenix’s LGBT musical ensembles including the Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus directed by Marc Gaston.  Marc is the Music Director at Desert Palm.  You can go to for more information about the gathering and for tickets. 

Bill Lyons to Speak at HIV/AIDs Event 3/26/19

Colleagues, I am presenting and a panelist for this event. I commend it to you as clergy, parish nurses, and care team members. 

Faith Based Communities: Becoming Champions of Compassion to Combat HIV/AIDS

Faith communities fill a role that medical doctors, epidemiologists, and scientists cannot do alone. In this session, faith leaders, people living with HIV, and advocates will discuss how their organizations have invited dialog about HIV/AIDS. Faith leaders will discuss how to encourage other faith based organizations to serve as catalysts for change in thwarting HIV-related stigma and provide much needed emotional support for people living with HIV.

Arizona State Department of Health 5th Annual Integrated HIV Symposium

Black Canyon Conference Center

March 26, 2019  | Session Time: 1:15 – 2:45

Participants are welcome to join the conference lunch beforehand from 12:00-1:00

Please register at:

Rincon has employed a part time Shelter Manager. Her name is Sarah Reed, and brings with her many gifts and a passion for immigration ministry. She is a Certified Trauma Clinical Specialist, certified by the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children. She has her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is a freelance religion writer. Sarah is bilingual, mother of two young children, and served in the Peace Corps in Peru for two years, where she met her husband. She worked with Catholic Charities in San Jose, California with the Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program, placing children in foster families. “I learned so much from the kids I worked with in regards to what they go through prior to arriving in the US,” Sarah says. “Their stories have stuck with me… I often think that the current immigration debate would be a lot different if only everyone heard those stories.”  Sarah, we welcome you!

Church of the Palms will hold their semi annual Rummage and Bake Sale this Thursday through Saturday, March 28–30. New this year: Friday evening hours (5–8 p.m.) and credit cards accepted for purchases over $100.