Stories & Ink: First tattoo

Sunday March 3, 6:33 p.m. at Beyond Autism School Assembly Hall, 555 W. Glendale Ave., Phoenix.

What is your first tattoo? For all those who love to ink, join in sharing stories of your first tattoo at this open mic event.

The Church of the Beatitudes, a progressive Christian faith community, has partnered with Torch: A Radical Humanist Collective to create a safe and inspiring evening of storytelling about that first tattoo. This unique partnership between a religious congregation and a nontheistic collective is part of a broader effort by the two communities to collaborate on meaningful projects around shared values.

Enjoy light refreshments and listen to stories that run the gamut from silly and humorous to heartfelt and authentic. And if you don't have a tattoo, come anyway and invite your friends to hear the stories!

Stories and Ink will be the Assembly Hall at Beyond Autism School next to Church of the Beatitudes. If interested in sharing your story at the open mic and a photo to project, contact:

About Torch: A Radical Humanist Collective: Torch is a diverse community of activists dedicated to Radical Humanist values. We seek to create a safe, brave space for Humanist changemakers to nurture, inspire and energize one another. Together, our community works to hone our moral tools for fighting oppressive social, civic, cultural, and economic systems and for building a more Humanist world.