St. Paul's UCC has relocated!

New Sunday worship time at our new location: 1:30 pm

Join us at St Francis Episcopal Church, 2903 Cabezon Rd, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 (the corner of Cabezon and Golf Course – enter from Cabezon).

Jocelyn Emerson reflects:

Father Alex and I began our conversations about sharing space from a place of mission, vision and theology. We talked about what that could look like. We talked about the Christian call to share resources. 

Father Alex shared that for St Francis their building is mission. How they use their building is mission to the Rio Rancho community. They were seeking ways to continue to use their building to support the Rio Rancho community. They felt our community is vital to Rio Rancho and saw this opportunity as beneficial to both of us. 

If you are there during the week, you may notice that you are rarely alone! And because of security issues, you will need to interact with those who are using the building at the same time to be sure the alarm is set when everyone is gone. 

The Boy Scouts are active twice a week. Clare’s Closet offers clothing to those in need. There are 12 step groups that use the space. There are groups I have not yet met. They truly use their building to serve the community of Rio Rancho. 

I am excited about this opportunity. The early church called us to share our resources and hold them in common. Each person who joined the early church, sold their belongings and all resources were held in a common purse. We are not going that far, but the theology is there. Christ is inviting both St Francis and ourselves to share our resources for the ministry of God in this world: worship (from time to time), mission, education, spiritual formation, hospitality. 

As we get settled, Father Alex and I will begin to find ways to share adult education opportunities. Wednesday evenings at 5 pm is Centering Prayer (meditation) and we are invited and welcomed. As we create mission opportunities we will invite St Francis to participate as they feel called. In November and December, our Council desires to work together to offer Thanksgiving and Christmas mission opportunities. 

I am excited about how this shared ministry will support St Paul’s as we take the step toward vitality and growth!

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