Enneagram Workshops

Two workshops presented by Rev. Martie McMane on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Scottsdale Congregational UCC 4225 N Granite Reef Rd , Scottsdale AZ

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The presenter:

The Rev. Martie McMane, a retired UCC clergywoman, author of 3 books and numerous published articles on spirituality and worship

Martie has 25 years’ experience in leading Enneagram workshops nationally and in retirement has continued to teach throughout the country as well as do individual spiritual direction

She is a certified instructor in the Enneagram through Hurley and Donson’s “Enneagram of Transformation” as well as their advanced “Breakthrough Enneagram”

Martie also took the training with Palmer and Daniels “The Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition” and has had many workshops with Riso and Hudson’s “Enneagram Institute”

She is also certified in the Bonney Method of Guided Imagery and Music and is a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. You can learn more about Martie at her website: www.martiemcmane.com

The Enneagram: A Path to Wholeness - 9 a.m. to noon

Would you like to?

  •       Grow in your spiritual life

  •       Improve your relationships

  •       Live in a more balanced way

  •       Enhance your appreciation of self and others

 If so, then working with the Enneagram may be for you!

 What is the Enneagram?

  •       A system of wisdom for understanding ourselves and others

  •       Its name comes from the Greek “ennea” meaning “9” and “gram” meaning “figure”

  •       The 9-pointed figure of the Enneagram points to descriptions of 9 personality types

  •       The system helps us understand our patterns of behavior and their motivations

  •       The Enneagram shows us our soul’s essence and our true giftedness

  •       It also shows us patterns that limit us and how we can be set free from them

  •       The wisdom of the Enneagram aids us in becoming our truest and highest Self

  •       The Enneagram helps us have greater compassion for ourselves and others

 What will the workshop include?

  •       An introduction to all of the nine personality types

  •       A safe place and time for inquiry and self discovery

  •       Help for self awareness, inner work, and breaking old patterns

  •       A live panel where you can see, experience, and identify the different personalities

  •       Laughter and a hospitable atmosphere in which to learn and grow

 Cost of Workshop: $50 plus $5 for workbook and materials

Going Deeper with the Enneagram - 1:00 to 4:00 pm

Do you:

  •       Know your Enneagram Type

  •       Want to learn new ways to break old patterns

  •       Desire to increase your understanding of self and others

  •       Wish to acquire greater balance and freedom in your life

  •       Hope to deepen your spirituality

 Then sign up for the “Going Deeper with the Enneagram” workshop!

 In this workshop we will:

  •       Reawaken our Inner Observer

  •       See how our Passion, Focus of Attention, and Defense Mechanism can keep us “stuck”

  •       Reclaim our Forgotten Child

  •       Remember the Holy Idea associated with our Type

  •       Recover the Divine Image desiring to be manifest in us

 Cost of workshop: $50 plus $5 for materials


To Register:

      Call 480-946-2900 or email Carol Reynolds at pastorscucc@gmail.com or

      Sign up on our Facebook event page