Theologians Under Hitler: A documentary film

Theologians Under Hitler: A documentary film by Steven D. Martin, 
based on the highly acclaimed book by Robert P. Erickson
Sunday, September 30 – 6pm
Rincon Congregational UCC: 122 N Craycroft Rd., Tucson

The Rincon Congregational UCC Justice and Witness Ministry Team invites you to a screening of the this important and very relevant documentary  followed by discussion and refreshments.  Please RSVP to Nancy at nancy@rinconucc. org or call 745-6238.
From Amazon Review: 
In the days after World War II, a convenient story was told of church leaders and ordinary Christians that defied the Nazis from the beginning. Recent research has uncovered a very different story. Rather than resisting, the greater part of the German church saw Hitler's rise in 1933 as an act of God's blessing, a new chapter in the story of God among the German people.

This film, based upon groundbreaking research, introduces the viewer to three of the greatest Christian scholars of the twentieth century and  asks: how could something like this happen in the heart of Christian Europe? Could it happen again? How does the scholarship of this period affect the church today? Does the church of today retain the ability to recognize profound evil?