Visiting Scholars

Tuesday, JUNE 26 @ 3:00 p.m.
Church of the Red Rocks, Sedona

Spend an afternoon with the Dialogue Institute staff and SUSI scholars from around the world!

SUSI is the “Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars on Religious Pluralism and Democratic Values in the United States" which is sponsored by the US State Department. Learn more about the Study of the U.S. Institutes for Scholars HERE. The Dialogue Institute, which is housed at Temple University in Philadelphia, is the organization managing the study. 

Learn more about The Dialogue Institute HERE.

Eighteen scholars will be in Sedona as part of their study of U.S. history, society, and institutions through the lens of religious pluralism in the US.

The SUSI program’s objectives are to:
1) Increase understanding of democratic principles and religious liberty in the United States
2) Deepen comprehension of the varied landscape of U.S. religious belief and practice
3) Enhance appreciation for the strengths of a religiously pluralist society and develop  awareness of creative responses to its challenges
4) Teach participants the principles and practices of inter-religious dialogue
5) Create a context of rigorous academic engagement that supports participants in the enhancement  of their own teaching and scholarship, including any study of the United States.

The scholars will be from several different countries and represent many different faith traditions. Their backgrounds typically include the following academic disciplines: Religious Studies and Theology, Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, International Relations, International Law, Islamic Studies and American Civilization.

They want to discuss with many of us, of different perspectives, about the challenges, risks, limitations, and rewards of acknowledging serious differences without suspicion, rancor, or disdain. Please come and add your voice.