Rincon Congregational Creation Care Ministry

Rincon will soon be embarking on a new Ministry of Creation Care, shepherded by the Rev. Karen MacDonald, in collaboration with Rev. Dr. Delle and the Justice and Witness and Faith Development Ministry Teams.  While the particular activities and projects will emerge over the coming months, the overall focus is to awaken and affirm our relationship with all of God’s magnificent creation and to inspire us to live and act so as to honor all beings with whom we share in the web of life.  Possible examples of happenings include outdoor worship services, Bible study that draws out the creation-centered themes in Scripture, intergenerational prayer services at our labyrinth, intergenerational “wilderness” retreats, community environmentally-friendly potlucks, and making our voices heard by policy-makers….the possibilities are endless!

Rev. Karen is gathering  a Creation Care Group that will help shape and guide this emerging ministry.  

Let’s see what we can grow, and how we can grow, in this amazing gift of life!