"Becoming Transgender"

Monday, April 16, 2018, 6–8:30 p.m.
The Church of the Palms, 14808 Boswell Blvd., Sun City, AZ 85351

”in some point of time, every journey must have a beginning, and at this point the journey is usually just a vague idea, such as i want to go hike Mt. Rainer or i want to go to Italy... the journey at this point may be an idea, a hope, a wish or a promise that we can carry with us for years or we put into place immediately... my current
journey i carried with me literally my whole life.” -tess julianna

tess julianna was born male and lived her life in that role for 66 years, including a beautiful marriage of 44 years. tess is transgender.

This is a discussion of one person’s lifelong journey and the implication of living a life being transgender. Through understanding can come acceptance.

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Promoted by the LGBTQA Groups and Clubs of Sun City Grand, Sun City West, Sun City & Corte Bella.