Church Jottings through 2/28/18

First Church Phoenix is encouraging participation in its Volunteer Fair by holding a Guacamole Contest. Each parishioner is given a voting card to place at the table with their favorite guacamole and a raffle is held at the end for some pretty great prizes. This should prompt visits to the tables of all the volunteer opportunities.

Scottsdale Congregational asked members to bring old family photos to church last week to be displayed during the sermon “The Blessing of Generations”.

Shepherd of the Hills extends a grateful thank you to interim minister Jim Meadows and welcomes its new called pastor, Rock Fremont.

United Church of Angel Fire is focusing on its “Vision” during Lent. What is the church? Who is the church? How do we do church?

Taos UCC has won Honorable Mention from Interfaith Power and Light’s Cool Congregations Award for its support of the Paris climate accords. 

Faith UCC in Dewey will be worshiping at Camp Run-a-Muck this Lent using a curriculum from the UCC on Age Friendly Congregations. The format will have both indoor and outdoor experiences. 


What are some fun and interesting fund raising events your church has tried?

*Beatitudes is holding a Pie and Cake auction to raise funds for some new chairs.

*Church of the Painted Hills is holding a talent show with lunch.

*Shepherd of the Hills just completed a flea market and bake sale.