Church jottings...

Compiled by Holly Herman - thanks!

Women’s March

Many of our churches’ members participated in Women’s Marches on Jan  21st.  Thank you to members of:

Shadow Rock
Desert Palm
First Congregational/Phoenix

We know many others participated and we thank you! These churches mentioned the participation in their media.

Lenten Studies/Projects

What is your church doing this Lent?

Shadow Rock’s study is titled “Songs of the Heart: Music of the Hebrew Bible” and will feature new Choir selections and congregational songs.

Congregational Church of the Valley is collecting donations for Healthy Packs, an organization that distributes weekend meals to low-income students.

Rincon is using “Lovers & Fools: 2018 Lent Devotional” series produced by the Still Speaking Writer’s group 

First Congregational UCC of Prescott is using the UCC “White Privilege” curriculum as the basis of its Lenten study. 

Encanto is collecting funds for the Little Heifer project through Lent. 

At Casas Adobes, a Question Box will be available.  Members can ask questions on any matter of faith, the Bible, the church, or any life issue.  These questions will be addressed in sermons after Easter.

First Congregational Church Prescott will study Marcus Borg’s “Embracing an Adult Faith” and hold a series based on the White Privilege - Let's Talk curriculum.

Odds ‘n’ ends

Church of the Red Rocks hosts a monthly Birthday  Buddies get-together to celebrate and socialize. 

First Christian in Las Cruces, NM hosts a Listening Clinic on the first Wed of the month from 4:30-6.  It is an opportunity to improve your Listening skills and be more fully listened to.  Contact Vicki at for details 

Rincon will provide the meal on Feb 15th for the monthly Tucson Interfaith HIV/AIDS Network luncheon for those living with HIV, giving them an opportunity to hang out, chat, and participate in some fun activities.


AZ Faith Network, in partnership with the ACLU’s Demand2Learn campaign, will sponsor “Fair K-12 Educational Opportunities” on Feb 22, 6:30 PM at Ability360, Nina Mason Pulliam Conference Center, 5025 E Washington St Phoenix, AZ, 85034

Casas Adobes is hosting a forum on Feb 18th at 11:30 on the topic of gerrymandering.  The speaker is Colleen Coyle Mathis, Chair of the AZ Independent Redistricting Commission. 

First Church/Phoenix discusses “Slavery by another Name” By Douglas Blackmon at 5 PM on Feb 11th. The book explores the forced labor of imprisoned black men and women thru the convict lease system during the time between the Civil war and WWII. 

The Encanto Community Church Youth Group Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, February 24 at 7 am. They will have their traditional bake sale and hot dog and hamburger stand open during the yard sale! All proceeds will go to benefit the ECC Youth Camp and Activities Fund.