Patrick Bentrott, Executive Director of FIDA-US, at Scottsdale Congregational

Patrick Bentrott family.jpg

The Missions Team at Scottsdale Congregational UCC is pleased to host Patrick Bentrott, Executive Director of FIDA-US (The Foundation for International Development Assistance), for worship and fellowship on Sunday, March 4. Patrick will share some of his experiences and insights into Haiti and the Haitian people, answer any questions we might have, and invite us to consider participating in one of the educational adventure tours he leads in Haiti several times a year. A special offering to support this important ministry will be collected during the service.

FIDA-US works cooperatively with a staff of Haitian agronomists, agricultural technicians, and literacy experts to improve the nation's agricultural methods and literacy rates. It seeks to be in relationship with the Haitian people in a manner that is respectful, empowering, and meaningful to everyone involved and believes that Haitians are a strong, smart, and resourceful people, capable of transforming their own communities through agriculture and education. 

Patrick is a member of the UCC and was Pastor Carol's seminary classmate. He has worked with Haiti for the past 10 years, including 2 years living and working in Port-au-Prince. He holds a Master of Divinity degree, a passion for international development and Haitian culture, and a profound belief in human potential. Through numerous experiences in Haiti, including teaching, coaching basketball, caring for orphans, and surviving the earthquake, Patrick has developed a deep appreciation for Haiti and the beautiful people who inhabit its land. He considers Haiti to be a powerful teacher that all too often provides the not-so-gentle nudge towards humility and the truth of human connectedness. Without question, Patrick believes it a tremendous privilege to be in solidarity with such a fascinating and life-affirming country. He is married to Dr. Kimberly Bentrott and has 3 children: Valancia and Solomon, who are natives of Haiti, and Samara, who is a Colorado native. They reside on the side of a mountain about an hour west of Denver.