Solstice Sunset Concert at Shadow Rock

Sunday, December 16, 2018,  5 pm 

Shadow Rock United Church of Christ, 12861 N. 8th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ


An integrative performance of music and sunset 

Come experience the music, light, peace, joy and fullness of the 2018 Solstice Sunset Concert. 

This year pianist and producer Lynne Haeseler and Grammy award-winning songwriter, poet and guitarist Louisa Branscomb have collaboratively created an integrative performance of music and sunset: "HOPE SINGS." The program combines diverse musical genres, spoken word, dance and the changing light of the winter solstice sunset into a holistic experience. 

Lynne Haeseler, artistic director/composer

Louisa Branscomb, artistic director/songwriter/poet

Piano - Lynne Haeseler

Guitar, banjo, mandolin - Louisa Branscomb

 A Cappella Syndicate Chorus

Vocalists - Holly Pyle & Michael McCall

Harp - Joyce Buekers, Jocelyn Obermeyer, Shannon Schumann

Trumpet - Carl Rowe

Spoken word - Jeff Stein

Movement artist - Sally Gebler

African drums - Sam Anderson & Keith Johnson

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$25 online or at the door

For information contact (602-993-0050)