Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Sun City

Representatives from 10 Sun City congregations have come together to plan the 2019 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. With the Graymoor Ecumenical & Religious Institute (geii.org) providing materials and guidance, these 10 churches have been conducting the Week of Prayer in Sun City since 1999.

This year’s them has been selected and finds its origins in Deuteronomy. “Justice, Only Justice, You Shall Pursue” (cf. Deuteronomy 16:20) was chosen for its powerful message of promoting truth, equality, and unity.

Schedule and locations:

Monday, January 21: at Church of the Palms UCC, with St. Joachim & St. Anne (Prayer for justice)

Tuesday, January 22: at St. Elizabeth Seton, with First Presbyterian (Prayer for honesty)

Wednesday, January 23: at Faith Presbyterian, with United Church of Sun City (Prayer for the health of the environment and to live more simply)

Thursday, January 24: at Shepherd of the Desert (Prayer for the end of exploitation of the poor, women, and children)

Friday, January 25: at First United Methodist with St. Christopher’s (Prayer for the hope in Jesus Christ who is the light of the world)