Jottings 10/27/18

On Nov 9th, Church of the Red Rocks will take a group of volunteers to Rainbow Acres to work around the ranch. Rainbow Acres is a home for adults with developmental disabilities located in Camp Verde.

On All Saints Sunday, Nov 4th, Black Mountain UCC will invite its members to create small “window memorials” in the 11 sanctuary window spaces to honor the memory of a person’s special saint.

Desert Palm is collecting men’s slippers to deliver to Victory Place on Veterans Day. Victory Place is a residential facility in Phoenix available to homeless veterans that provides a variety of services including employment services, long-term housing, and support groups.

Shepherd of the Hills is holding a diaper drive the next two Sundays for donation to the Central AZ Diaper Bank. The bank supplies a variety of non profits serving the homeless, refugees, and family crisis centers.

Rincon in Tucson continues to house asylum seekers. Over 11 other faith communities are assisting with volunteers and supplies. JUSTICE ALLIANCE is helping with funds and has set up an account at Help if you can.

First Congregational of Albuquerque is encouraging its members to help raise funds for Rincon.

Church of The Painted Hills in Tucson is hosting an Arts and Crafts Fair on Nov 2nd and 3rd. Go shop!

Church of the Beatitudes will start their Cafe Justo sales on Nov 11th not only with coffee, but also tea and chocolate. Cafe Justo supports the coffee growers and roaster cooperatives in Chiapas, MX. If your church doesn’t already support this project, look into it for yourself. The coffee is great, too.

First Congregational of Albuquerque has an Alternative Gift Program where folks can donate to special church mission projects as gifts for those on their Xmas list that have all the “things” they need but appreciate being honored by a donation for a project they support.

Did you know that Scottsdale UCC hosts a jazz coffeehouse every Thursday evening? Check out the performance calendar at Sacred Grounds will also be providing entertainment the night before Annual Meeting! Stay tuned for details!